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Why Family Dollar?

There are over 50 bill saving services in Australia, but not one of them is helping everyday Australian’s compare every household bill in one spot.

Family Dollar is the first specialist comparison business that has the skill, connections and tenacity to fight for every dollar that can be saved on EVERY BILL. 

We save you money with ferocity so that you can continue to buy your daily coffee guilt free, go on that much needed holiday, afford to send your kids to that camp or just chase your dreams.

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About The Founder


Hi, I’m Brian, 

I live in Melbourne Australia with my beautiful wife, amazing son and every month or so we have foster children that visit for either a few days or a few months.

We live by our own terms and live a simple and minimalist existence.  We don’t measure our success via the amount of assets we have, but instead by the amount of quality time and quality adventures we have together.

We live a great life and that’s why we started Family Dollar, to help others get out of the rat race and start living.